You Can’t Done More Work Increasing Working Hours


Increasing working hours is not a guarantee that you will be more productive. You will not be more productive, because you will increase job done, but also you will increase the time for that job.

I have seen different persons working in the same working places with different results and different time that they need to complete the same job. It is normal. But, why is this the case?

Before some period of time, I have talked with an entrepreneur who told me how his employees after eight hours working time hurry to go home without thinking about the work accomplishments.

I asked him to make a difference in the speed and quality of work done between different employees. His answer was that difference exist, and different employees give a different performance in their working behavior.

This is normal. He can’t expect that each employee will need the same time to finish the job. Instead of that, he must find what are the reasons for this difference if the difference is really big, and to try to fix it.

After some analysis on the issue, I come to the following possible answer about business productivity. They depend on four most important factors that can impact on business productivity.

#1 Different Capacity

You can’t find the same two or more persons on the planet. They are all different.

Different persons, different teams and different organization have a different performance capacity. This capacity will make possible some persons more quickly to finish their job with a more quality of job done compared with others. We cannot expect that every person must to have the same capacity for doing right things in a right way.

#2 Different Passion

Different people have a different passion about something.

Persons can be passionate about something if they are exciting, have enthusiastic and compelling emotions and positive affinity about that something.

If a person has a passion for the job that he needs to do, the work will be finished much quickly and with more quality. The passion is the beginning about everything around a person and their working habits.

#3 Enjoyment

Different people will enjoy in different things.

If I enjoy in the tasks that I must to do, I will do that tasks in my best. Some persons will enjoy in the work, but others will work without enjoyment and only because of salary. The productivity will be based on the level of enjoyment, and because of that, persons without enjoyment will need more working hours to finish the job.

4. Inspiration

Inspiration is not the same between people in your organization.

Different inspiration will have a different impact on accomplishment. If I’m not inspired to give the best from myself in performing my tasks, I can’t expect that the quality of the results will be at a desired level.

Some peoples will be inspired from money, some from ideals, but something that is important is that you need to try to recognize employee’s different sources of inspiration.

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