Where Your Most Productive Work Happened?

Highly Productive People

Many times I ask myself where are the places of my most productive work. Why that places allow me to be more productive?

Are we most productive at our workplaces?

When I think about the situations when I worked for larger organization what comes to my mind is:

  • While I am working on something, I receive email with the subject urgent from the manager as something important for them.
  • While I am working on something, I receive a phone call from my manager to go in their office to talk about something important for them.
  • While I am working on something in the office, one of my colleagues needed help from me about something important for him.
  • When I sit down to continue with my work, its time for the scheduled meeting.
  • While I am working on something in the office, again there is something important for someone else that I will need to do.

As you can see the importance is not for me, it’s for them. How I can be productive with such a distraction for activities that can be part of the quadrant 3 from a time management matrix?

Sometimes I can do more things, with a better quality when I am not in my office. One of the most creative works from me comes at the places that have nothing with my workplace.

Jason Fried from the 37Signals and author of one of the best books that change many things in my mind, titled as Rework in an TED presentation talk on the topic of “Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work.” This presentation is something that you must see, because it will encourage to think about the many possibilities.

What are you thinking about the presentation?

Where your most productive work happened? Where your most creative work happened?

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