My Productivity Tools: What You Can Expect?

My Productivity Tools

Hi, everyone! I hope you will enjoy on our My Productivity Tools.

This is the first post on this brand new blog. Why my productivity tools as the name of this journey?

First of all there are plenty tools with which we are bombarded every day. I think that we can’t find the person that didn’t buy at least one smart phone application to manage time. I think that we can’t find person that didn’t try to use some type of calendars to organize themselves and be more productive in work or personal life. I think that we can’t find person that don’t want to improve or increase own productivity.

To many tryings, to many pivots in personal life, working environment, working habits… But, what about results? Do we know if we have better productivity, improvements or increasing of it? Do we know how much we have invested and what is the ROI of our money, time and effort investments in such a improvements?

I want to try to systematize my own experience, my own knowledge and everything that I will learn in the future through this blog. I want to make a place where I can easily find what I try, what I use, what I like and what is something that make big improvements in my personal and business life when it comes to productivity.

The main theme of this blog is a broad term that can be experienced in very different aspects of each person. My Productivity Tools will be the place where I will share:

  • Different productivity tools,
  • Different productivity systems,
  • Something about business, employee and team productivity,
  • Something about increasing and improving productivity,
  • Something about productivity management and
  • Different measures that we can use for our productivity.

I look forward to hearing from your own experience, your own knowledge and everything that will help everyone to improve their own productivity.

Again, I hope that you will enjoy reading and talk with me about the subject.

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