Weekend Productivity Tools May Twelve

Weekly Productivity Tools

As a part of this weekend serials here on My Productivity Tools, each week on Saturday I will publish this type of posts, and you can find the previously published at weekly productivity tools.

Because I always try to learn something more, to become more productive and to improve my productivity, I need to try different tools, read different materials and implement different things. This serial is the place where I share different resources that I find and think will be useful in increasing my own and your productivity. I encourage you to check the links and try tools to see how they can impact on you.

Excellent productivity stuff that I chose for this week:

  • Book: Work the System by Sam Carpenter [affiliate link]. We need to create systems that will work for us if we want to free up our time. I finish reading the book this week, and I am impressed about the topics for creating strategic objectives and documenting all procedures. I already have experience applying such systems with my clients, but the book is something that gives me additional knowledge to try in my practice.
  • How to Boost Workplace Creativity? Really important stuff that everyone needs today is workplace creativity. Here are three tips that can impact in improving your workplace creativity.
  • Why Traditional Planning Doesn’t Work? Planning is important part of our personal and business life. But, recently there has been evidence, that probably you also feel about planning. Sometimes we say a good plan means half project or work finished. As for anything, we need to know what to plan, and how to plan something if we want to get results from that plan.

And, if you missed something, here are the posts titles from this week at My Productivity Tools:

If you have something worth sharing as a tool, idea or content about productivity and improving it, do not hesitate to do this leaving comment below this post.

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  1. Angelique says

    If I could share and recommend some awesome tools; at our company, in order to boost our productivity, we use tools like Google Docs for our report, Skype to do meetings and Time Doctor for monitoring employees’ work. With this, we make sure we keep communications open every time we work so that we can ask for help whenever we need to.
    Time Doctor is also very important for us. It makes us procrastinate on procrastination since our attention is being called whenever we’re not doing anything productive for a long time.

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