Weekend Productivity Tools April Fourteen

Weekly Productivity Tools

This type of posts are part of My Productivity Tools where each Saturday I will share productivity tools and useful content, or books that I find useful during the previous week.

Each week on Saturday I will publish this type of posts, and you can find the previously published at weekly productivity tools.

These are resources that I find and think will be useful in increasing my own and your productivity. I encourage you to check the links and try tools to see how they can impact on you.

Excellent productivity stuff that I find this week:

  • PomodoroPro. If you are a person that uses pomodoro technique to be more productive this app will be great for you. This is a timer app that will help you to organize your units of work, and analyze how you progress through finishing things from your to-do list.
  • 12 Ways to Attack Any Challenge. Is there something as a mission impossible? As humans we already tell that something is impossible and ignore or avoid something for which we think that is impossible for us. If you need to accomplish something that you think is impossible here are 12 ways to attack any challenge.
  • 3 Ways to Make a Procrastination Pay Off. We already know that procrastination is a danger for our productivity. Something that we procrastinate can’t be done. Can we look at procrastination in a different way, as something that isn’t always a problem? Three ways to make procrastination pay off discuss that another side of look at procrastination as something that can be beneficial for a small-business owner.

And, if you missed something, here are the posts titles from this week at My Productivity Tools:

If you have something worth sharing as a tool, idea or content about productivity and improving it, do not hesitate to do this leaving comment below this post.

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