Productivity Tools: How You Can Add Stuff to Evernote


The big part of productivity is to collect a different type of information that will be used when needed.

One of the best productivity tools that I use and find as a valuable tool is Evernote. I use it for a different purpose as one of my productivity tools. One of them is to collect information that I think will be valuable for me from everywhere and then process that information. In such a way using GTD productivity system I become much more organized.

One of the biggest features that makes this tool such a powerful productivity tool is easy ways to add stuff to it.

The primary things that I add in Evernote can be divided into the following:

  • Text notes,
  • Audio notes,
  • Images,
  • Content from web pages and
  • PDF documents.

#1 Drag and Drop Files on Desktop Computers

Each file that you want to add in the notebooks you can simply drag and drop them in the proper note where you want it to appear.

#2 Copy and Paste

Second way to add stuff to this tool is with copying things to the clipboard using CTRL+C for Windows or CMD+C for Mac. After you copy something you can use a paste to put it into the notes.

#3 Save PDF to Evernote (Mac Only)

Save PDF to Evernote

This option is useful when you want to make PDF files and save them directly to the notebooks. This functionality work with each application that have print options. If you simply click on File – Print and then chose Save PDF as Evernote from PDF menu in the bottom left corner.

#4 Web Clipper Extension

Web Clipping in Evernote

Because we spend more and more from our time on the internet where we search, publish and read different information, we need something that will quickly and easily send different Internet-based information into the notebooks in this tool.

With the installation of web clipper extension for Evernote, you can easily add things from your web browser directly into the notebooks for the future use.

#5 Email to Evernote

Another useful way to send notes to Evernote is sending email to your account. Each account has special unique email address that you can use to send notes from everywhere and any email client.

#6 Mobile App

Evernote has native applications for smart phones with which you can easily create new text, voice and snapshot notes.

#7 Skitch

One of the last functionality that comes from Skitch, desktop and tablet application for creating screenshots is sending them into the notebooks. Now, you can easily create a screenshot on your desktop or table, add Annotation, shapes and sketches, so that your ideas become more complete and send to your Evernote account in the form of notes with photo.

#8 Auto-Import

You can set up a folder that every time when you put a document or file into that folder it will be sent to this tool. This is more technical way, but more information about creating auto import folder using “Folder Action Script” you can read here.

#9 If This Than That

If This Than That and Evernote

This is another useful tool when it comes to sending notes to Evernote. The service can automate more options to send information into the tool.

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