How to Hold More Productive Meeting?


If you are a business person, an entrepreneur or manager, you are the one who spend large part of your working week on the meetings.

Probably, you know how meetings can be seen as unproductive, boring and useless sometimes for you. However, you need them. Your work depends on them.

You hold meetings with customer, employees and business partners. You can’t escape them, but you can ensure that meetings run smoothly achieving their purpose without spending too much time on them.

I want to list some recommendation that will help you to hold really productive meetings.

#1 If you can, try scheduling small meetings as much as possible.

Some meetings can have a very specific purpose. They are held because of very specific situation that needs to be discussed and bring a recommendation about future action in that particular situation. Such meetings will be short and highly focused on a specific subject.

#2 Try to schedule one to one meetings.

The one to one meeting is more productive than large formal meeting. They can be easily controlled, and will bring a joint conclusion very quickly.

Whenever you can solve a situation with such one to one meeting, you need to use it without bigger formalization and including different staff on the subject.

#3 Ensure that attendees know the purpose and their role at the meeting.

It is much better to have prepared staff before the meeting instead of persons that will be surprised why they are there and what’s their job.

This will ensure quick discussion and more productive meeting.

#4 Always prepare a meeting agenda.

The agenda is a toll that will organize the flow of the meeting and can have powerful effect on a meeting’s timing.

When you have an agenda try to manage the meeting according to that agenda.

#5 Ensure that things which need an easy decision are first on the agenda.

To make a meeting more productive sometimes it is better to put easiest things first on your agenda. It will create a feeling of achievement and will force attendees to make a rapid progress.

#6 Keep to original schedule.

If your meeting is scheduled in 9 : 00 AM, then it needs to start at that time. Don’t wait for the latecomers and don’t lose your time to tell them what they have missed.

#7 Allow everyone to discuss, but according to the rules.

Give everyone who attends the meeting to express themselves, but you need to ensure that discussion will contribute to a better meeting conclusion.

#8 Finish meeting with a specific conclusion.

Why are you holding a meeting? Probably, to solve a problem, to decide, to negotiate… All meetings need to have clear conclusions that will be the basis for the future action steps. Meetings are here to help your business, not to decrease your productivity.

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